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House rules

Skaters/cyclists first report to the cash register People who want to roll must first register and/or pay entrance at the bar before entering the park. Steppers and inline skaters For safety reasons, only official skateboards, official BMX bikes, official stunt scooters and official inline skates are allowed. Other skateboards, wave boards, BMX bikes, scooters, inline skates and roller skates are not permitted. This is checked at the bar. Food and drink It is not allowed to eat and drink on the track. This is possible in the bar. Bringing your own drinks is not permitted in the entire park. Smoking and drugs Smoking is prohibited in the park and is only permitted in the designated outdoor area. The use of and trade in (soft) drugs is prohibited. Damage and theft Intentionally causing damage in the skate park, other than by skating, is considered vandalism; the perpetrator must pay compensation for the damage and will be denied further access. Any form of theft is immediately reported to the police.


Accidents In the event of an accident, do not leave the victim alone. Have someone alert the staff and tell them what happened. ​ Fire alarm When the fire alarm goes off, you must follow the instructions of the manager. ​ Animals Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the skate park. ​ Behaviour Instructions from the manager must be followed. No skateboards, BMXs or scooters on the track. Do not cause any nuisance in and around the skate park. So be quiet outside and throw your rubbish neatly in the trash can with us. Beginners and advanced visitors come to the Colosseum. Everyone is welcome so respect each other. Aggression and discrimination will not be tolerated in any form. BMX bicycles with metal pegs are not allowed. Plastic pegs are allowed. There is a check at the entrance. It is prohibited to stick stickers throughout the building. Don't waste your stickers as they will be removed. Waxing obstacles is not permitted in the entire park. Only by administrators. ​ ​ Liability ​ Own risk Entering the skate park is at your own risk. ​ Skate/cycle at your own risk The use of obstacles and driving in the designated area is entirely at your own risk. We recommend that you always wear protection such as a helmet, knee and elbow protection. Bring your own. If you have forgotten, you can borrow a helmet at the bar. NB! We have a limited number. ​ Viewers/facilitators The obstacles are only accessible to riders. It's not a playground. Parents, small children, supervisors, friends are not allowed to walk across the lanes. It is always possible to ask permission. An exception to this rule can and will be made during specific events. ​ Missing personal property The Pedalpark Foundation cannot be held liable for lost or stolen personal property. Damage The Pedalpark Foundation cannot be held liable for injuries sustained in and around the skate park. Are you a beginner? Then we recommend taking skateboard or BMX lessons. These lessons are given for everyone aged 8 years and older. Our skate park is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Click here for more information about class times and costs.

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